Senior Documentary - A Foundation of Gold - The story of the 2019 Griffons

Packages/Video Production and Editing

A Local Living

A locally owned embroidery shop in Gower, Missouri, faces its toughest challenge yet: the COVID-19 pandemic. Betsy Campbell and Rachel Musser look to going online in order to keep BulldogLand Etc. in business, a business they've kept going after losing their Uncle Ivan. 

Aired on: News-Press NOW

Chiefs Super Bowl Edit

Just a fun video I put together using my highlights from the Chiefs and Texans first game of 2019-2020. I made it in about 15-20 minutes right before the Super Bowl started. 

Aired on: My website! Oh, and Twitter. DerekDZG11, by the way. Wink wink, nudge nudge.