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Winter 2021Sam Brandt Interview - Kindred Vikings
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Winter 2021Jay Bachman Interview - Central Cass Squirrels
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Color Commentary - FootballFall, 2019 - 680 AM KFEQ Radio/ESPN Affiliate
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Play-by-Play - Mid-Buchanan FB vs South Harrison: Class 1 QuarterfinalsNov. 23, 2019 - 680 AM KFEQ Radio/ESPN Affiliate
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(Old) Play-by-Play Highlights
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This game was played on March 11, 2020, mere days before the national emergency was announced due to COVID-19. Missouri Western split with the University of Illinois-Springfield in a doubleheader the day prior, losing the first one and then dominating the second. It was the last game of the Griffons' first homestead of the season. The top video includes Missouri Western taking a trip to destination dinger, while the second ends in dramatic fashion.


College Softball PBP on the MIAA Network - MWSU vs UIS

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Football Play-by-Play on JoeTown 107.5 - Mid-Buchanan vs South Harrison


College Softball Play-by-Play on the MIAA Network - MWSU vs Drury


Sports Block Anchoring - MWSU Basketball Highlights

Here you can find examples of my anchoring and studio highlights work. I do my best to stay fresh and come up with new ways to tell the story of a game. This is where I really utilize my writing skills, coming up with new phrases that I don't believe have been used as much before. I want to tell an affective story and showcase the games properly, but I also want people to stop and say, "Hey, what he said was pretty dope." Nice little two-for-one special right there that hopefully leaves a lasting impression.

Pregame Previews — KFEQ Radio, Mid-Buchanan Football

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C1-QF —

FINAL: Mid-Buchanan 35, South Harrison 8



Keys to the game: Let TJ Runyan run — heh — the ball and carry the team. Short story: they did.

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C1D16 —

FINAL: Mid-Buchanan 20, Penney 14

Keys to the game: Mid-Buchanan's defense needs to  be even better than it was during week five due to QB Javan Noyes being inactive. Good thing the Dragons have TJ Runyan. Fun championship game.

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C1D16 —

FINAL: Mid-Buchanan 49, East Buchanan 22

Keys to the game: Last time out against the Bulldogs, Dragons' quarterback Javan Noyes slung three touchdowns. Who says he can't do it again?

Missouri Western State University closes down campus due to COVID-19; ends all courses and activities