In all honesty, I just love seeing people get excited over stories and being excited with them.

I am passionate and optimistic about sports and the fascinating backstory each team, player and coach have. I am a former collegiate wrestler looking to stay in touch with sports after losing my wrestling career to a car crash that left me financially hindered for the time being. I'm looking for an entry-level job once I graduate in May 2020, preferably something to do with radio/TV sports shows. 

I carry a strong bond with sports. They helped me turn everything around growing up whether if I was watching or participating. I don't believe I've been more excited than I was as a child watching Dexter McCluster run a punt back for a score against the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football in 2010. Watching DMC run through the rain while the fans erupted was amazing, but what hooked me was the voice of Mitch Holthus. "TOUCHDOWN, KAN-SAS CITY" is quite infectious.

After listening to Holthus belt "Kansas City's got that football!" during a Tamba Hali strip-sack of Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton during week 13 of the 2010 NFL season, I knew I needed to find my way into this career field — just like how Hali found his way into that backfield.



Outside of my media jobs, I've worked two summers at a cement plant and one as a security guard in Kansas City. I worked at Amazon and FedEx warehouses to keep up during the hiring freeze due to COVID-19. When I'm not knee deep in taking photos, video, writing stories and editing, I'm spending my spare time at the gym. I work out religiously and take pride in staying active. After the gym, I like to skateboard, learn new languages, explore new areas or new foods and culture myself in anything else besides sports. After a busy night, I enjoy going out with my friends for some food. When I'm alone, I'll watch something like BoJack Horseman — HIGHLY recommend on Netflix — and listen to alternative and indie music which fuels my soul. My mom and I have season tickets for the Kansas City Chiefs, so we never missed a game — until COVID-19. Good thing the Chiefs already won it all by that point.


I started wrestling when I was 11 years old, and I had to work to be athletic. I wasn't naturally gifted, but I was able to become a three-time All-American, three-time state qualifier, a state medalist and a district champion at Plattsburg High School. I achieved 134 career victories,  I was also a two-year starter in football and played outside linebacker at 140 pounds. I never missed a defensive snap and was third on the team in tackles during my junior year when we won our district for the first time over a decade. After taking two years off from wrestling during college, I transferred to Missouri Baptist University in the fall of 2018. There, I immediately started and collected some collegiate wins. Due to a car wreck that hurt me financially, I had to return home to Missouri Western. It was a sign to focus heavily on broadcasting. I'm only saying this to show I'm not just a keyboard warrior and have experienced the grind before.